Salam sings about a boy who's tired of working day in and out, on the weekend he feels like locking himself up in his room and the only thing he wants to do is spinning his favourite tracks in his own way!

"DJ" represents choosing and arranging the songs you want to hear. To be in charge of your own life and, let go of the stress and to just being you. 

The video was shot in the Netherlands and and Salam directed the music video himself alongside Bucketlist Studio. Mr. Phi, a well-known Dutch actor who was also part of this project.

"I learn a lot working overseas, every country has a different way of communicating. The Netherlands is very straightforward and they don't want to waste time. There are no cups of tea involved or getting to know each other but when the project is done, you'll be invited for dinner and only then you'll get to know each other as well as have all the time to chit chat, make jokes and have lots of tea." - Salam