Akuan Si Chuan Chong Qing Hot & Spicy Non-fried Instant Soup 阿宽四川重庆麻辣小面 ( Special Deal RM22.00)

13 Jun 2019

Spicy, hot & sour aroma mouth tingling flavour Healthier and delicious to eat

Akuan Si Chuan Chong Qing Hot & Spicy  Non-fried Instant Soup Noodle Halal (Combo Pack)

Originated from Chongqing itself, this is the simplest delicacy in Chongqing.
In Chongqing native language, 'Xiao Mian' means plain noodle with no add-on toppings.  Available in various flavours with choice of dry or soup. 

Akuan Spicy and Sour Broad Noodle spicy oil is made of natural dried SiChuan Chaotian pepper, coupled with simmered vegetable oil, white sesame and other ingredients, create the distinctive SiChuan flavours of spicy aromas with mouth tingling sensation while the grain-fermented mellow vintage vinegar gives a rich flavour and texture to the noodle. 

Akuan noodle is non-fried, that makes instant noodle healthier and delicious to eat!


What's in the box:

1 x Combo Pack (5 x 105gm)


1) Certified Halal by Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (You can verify by follow this link: http://china.ifanca.org/Pages/ViewCertificate.aspx?ccid=11109&name=11109.11110.II180006.pdf)

2) Product weight: 525gm

3) Shelf Life: 10 months from the manufacturing date (we guaranteed min.3months before expired)


1) Mix the seasoning powder, oil, chili powder in a bowl together with noodles.
2) Cook noodles with 600ml of 90 celcious hot water (DO NOT COOK THE NOODLES).
3) Place cover and wait 6 mins.
4) Stir well and enjoy your delicious Akuan Noodles.





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