OGAWA Acu Therapy Reflexology Foot Massager (Special Deal RM359.90)

02 Aug 2019

OGAWA Acu Therapy Reflexology Foot Massager

ACU THERAPY Acupressure + Air Compression Foot Massager with Heat

-90 acupuncture nodes create reflexology : 90 individual "needle" massage nodes to stimulate acupoints on the sole of the feet

-Heating function which improves blood circulation with the massage

-"open case" design promote air circulation and keeps feet aerated

Product Name : Acu Therapy 

Colour : khaki + white 

Dimensions : 33 x 16 x 36cm 

Packaging : 35 x 18.5 x 38cm 

Weight : 3 +/- lkg 

 Power : 30W 

Voltage : DC12V 2.5A 

Warranty : 1 year

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