StoryTime is a weekly programme featuring “Storytellers the World Over” and “Aspiring Storytellers”.What better way than sharing stories to bring communities together! Listen closely to our tales; some enchanting, spellbinding and magical, others humorous or even spooky. Let them transport you to another place and time.Catch us every Sunday starting 20th January 2019 at 2pm on afo online radio. Podcasts available. “Inside each of us is a natural born storyteller, waiting to be released”- Robin Moore (author) whether you’re a professional storyteller or someone who has the passion to tell stories, send them in to be BROADCAST on StoryTime - email: storytimejjb@gmail.comblog: storytimejjb.blogspot.comFB: want to hear from YOU! Children, youth, young adult or adult!
The James Lee Show
A chill-out talk show on topics and things that matters to an indie-filmmaker with a cup of coffee, after more than a decade working in a visual and image dominated industry, now the show is for him to listens, to non-fictional stories.
You’ve read the papers, you’ve scrolled Twitter and you’ve probably seen the story on your Facebook feed. Heck, it might have even been sent to you on WhatsApp. But those are the stories. Those are the plot lines. Those are the anecdotes. And behind every sporting story, there are core issues. Core issues that are real, tangible and most certainly deserve to be discussed. That’s exactly what we do. Once a week, for two whole hours, we take an in-depth look at the biggest sporting headlines over the span of seven days, and we dissect the stories, analyse the narratives and debate the outcomes. Best part? No holds barred. You’ve picked up the paper, let us Hold The Back Page. Thule, Best travel companion. Code: AFORADIOTH for 10% off on
Jom!Go 健康!
要“减肥”或“健康”就要靠 70/3070% 饮食,30%运动。但,就那么简单吗?其实, 不只是饮食方面要很照顾。生活,工作,心态,和思想也很重要!JOM!Go健康!会是和你们一起聊  “你不知道的事” 。
我是美人 Beauty and the Best
马来西亚胖妞界的时尚代表,Beauty,自创 Fatshion 时尚概念,带领胖人走在自己独一无二的魅力国度,不盲目跟随潮流,坚信自己就是潮流。第一位胖妞代表主持女性美妆保养时尚节目,打破世俗格局,做个真实的自己。节目每期设定不同的主题,提供实用的美妆、保养信息和产品,邀请嘉宾分享他们的爱美心得和心情写照,以轻松、娱乐性的方式带你领略独特的风格,做最自信漂亮的自己。
GOASIAPLUS SPECIAL是与GOASIAPLUS杂志和亚洲航空合作的旅游节目,我们将分享一些旅游提示、生活故事、以及亚洲地区未知的部分。下午3点至4点,由Agnes Wang为您的下一个度假提供一些旅行建议。
GOASIAPLUS: SPECIAL - Sihanoukville, Cambodia
GOASIAPLUS SPECIAL is a travel radio show on aforadio in collaboration with GOASIAPLUS magazine and AirAsia where we share smart travel tips as well as stories on Travel and Lifestyle to parts unknown around Asia. This special is hosted by the charming Jeremy Teo. Tune in to our 2 episodes special on 1st June 2018 (3pm - 4pm) and 8th June 2018 (3pm - 4pm).
Agnes 与你透透气 这节目将在每逢星期一早上11 -下午 1pm 这节目将和大家分享许多生活话题,生活品味,旅游促销,旅游景点,时下彩妆,护肤品,以及寻找好吃的美食和休闲的下午茶地点介绍给大家。当然也少不了一些时下生活新资讯分享分享。
One Man Show
One Man Show是Ryan重返电台的节目。内容以嬉笑手法大谈男人话题。女人,工作,英超,找钱招数,让你知性,知趣,知自己。You are not alone in One Man Show.如果你中意我D节目,记得share 哦!我的IG #ryanstage #djryanykt #aforadio #afodiantai ,follow folooooowww~
Real, Live and Relatable pretty much sums up AFO LIVE. From lifestyle to fashion, health and nutrition as well as humour and laughter, AFO LIVE will leave you entertained as you hit the grinds at work.MAG is focused on keeping the show light hearted, fun and full of good music; she keeps topics current, relatable and enjoyable for one and all. Playing you only the best music from yesterday, today and everyday of our lives, brunch time with MAG will leave you looking for more.So what are you waiting for? Mondays to Fridays, 11AM to 2PM, join MAG, as she keeps you entertained in the afternoons.
Indie has always been hard to define, but to me, it means music off the beaten track. There are no rules to this show – I'm just sharing with you music that I truly love. If even only one person tunes in and falls in love with something they've never heard before, I'd consider that my job well done. Tune in to Hygge, with me Patricia K – right here on AFOradio – to chill, chat, and treat your ears to best in Indie music every Monday from 8 to 9pm.
Chalkboard is “a place of learning and sharing. Simple, effective and down to earth.”With a finger on the pulse of industries, leading corporate trainer John Kam of DJungle People diagnoses trends and issues in the corporate maze and discusses them candidly with Mag on "The Chalkboard" on Tuesday 12pm-1pm.
Like N.W.A in “Express Yourself”, So So Fresh is a lifestyle show that’s aims to burst through the doors of any realm it chooses to enter. STYLE being the focus, we want to bridge everyday lives with the best styles the world has to offer.  However, So So Fresh doesn’t believe lifestyle is only about the black t- shirt on our backs but about what else can we put on or take off to suit our individual spirit. From the sneakers on our feet, the food that we eat, the healthcare we pursue to the gadgets we utilize are all part of our lifestyle.  Musically, the show is not bound to one genre of music, between the hosts’ spans a range of musical taste, blending old with new & new with old. Though being deep rooted in Funk, Hip-Hop, & Rock, good music is good music to these guys, so expect nothing less but a stew of bangin’ tunes for you to vibe to anytime, anywhere.
“LiveLoveLift with Linora” is Malaysia’s first health and wellness show. After solidifying herself in the radio scene over the past few years, Linora has also made a tremendous mark as a well-known fitness personality in Malaysia. Linora believes in encouraging listeners to pursue fitness through a positive outlook by listening to the body, understanding the mind and nourishing the soul.Being healthy is not just about looking aesthetically fit, it's also about learning to love yourself and taking care of your body. This show will share tips on how to live a healthier lifestyle - discussions on nutrition, workouts, lifestyle habits and inspirational interviews. Live your truth, love yourself and lift others.  Join in every Tuesday 2pm - 4pm on
GOASIAPLUS ​ is a travel radio show on aforadio in collaboration with GOASIAPLUS magazine and AirAsia where we share smart travel tips as well as stories on Travel and Lifestyle to parts unknown around Asia. Hosted by the charming Adrian Seet​ as well as GOASIAPLUS’ editor Aishah Azali, tune in every Wednesday 3pm to 4pm as they cook up your next holiday destination with some tips on travel.
Movie Freak is a program on movies in collaboration with Cinema Online, Malaysia's favourite movie site, on everything movies! Hosted by K'Sha, join us as we bring you the latest updates on the movie world, both local and international news, talk to interesting showbiz personalities, awesome giveaways, and also provide you with movie reviews of upcoming movies. Tune in every Wednesday 8pm to 9pm if you call yourself a movie freak!
In 2013, TV Presenter Adrian Seet began work on ArtsUnplugged with AdrianSeet, a weekly radio program focusing on the local performing arts scene.  As lead presenter and producer of the show, Seet engages with actors, directors and producers in witty conversations when he gets the uncensored backstage pass, to the world of Malaysian theatre and performing arts and anything related to independent films. This live show airs every Thursday at 11AM on a website and Online Radio Station that began net-casting in July 2010.
Seriously ....KAM   ( No funny, No honey ) is a show every Thursday 4.00pm - 6.00pm, dedicated to humour, comedy and all things ridiculous and entertaining which means nothing is too serious, Seriously. Helm by the Queen of Malaysian Comedy Joanne Kam Poh Poh, the show will bring about her rapid and witty sence of homour with a dash of cheeky naughtiness that will help your mid week Thursday and pump you up for the weekend.What to look out for ;  Interviews with international & local comedians as well as entertainment personality. Also Joanne's brand of acid humour combine with her style of witty anecdotes will ensure for an entertaining afternoon of delight.
Game On! is the show for the video game geek in everybody. Whether you're PC or console, casual or hardcore - there's something in it for you. Hosted by lover of all things video games: Jeremy Teo, the show will feature updates, discussions as well as the occasional anecdote on the video games and esports.
The all new SPINZ on is hosted by one of Malaysia's leading DJ's in the music industry DJ Augie.  As the show’s main man & producer, DJ Augie engages with young, talented & experienced local and international DJs and musicians in Malaysia, providing them with a platform to showcase their talent in this international radio show.  SPINZ is also the place that gives listeners constant updates on the various DJ gigs and shows, club events & music festivals in & around the clubbing scene in Malaysia. This live show is net-casted live on video every Friday 10pm to 12midnight Malaysian time.