You’ve read the papers, you’ve scrolled Twitter and you’ve probably seen the story on your Facebook feed. Heck, it might have even been sent to you on WhatsApp. But those are the stories. Those are the plot lines. Those are the anecdotes. And behind every sporting story, there are core issues. Core issues that are real, tangible and most certainly deserve to be discussed. That’s exactly what we do. Once a week, for two whole hours, we take an in-depth look at the biggest sporting headlines over the span of seven days, and we dissect the stories, analyse the narratives and debate the outcomes. Best part? No holds barred. You’ve picked up the paper, let us Hold The Back Page. Thule, Best travel companion. Code: AFORADIOTH for 10% off on
The James Lee Show
A chill-out talk show on topics and things that matters to an indie-filmmaker with a cup of coffee, after more than a decade working in a visual and image dominated industry, now the show is for him to listens, to non-fictional stories.
WMW Radio
Bringing you the best mixes on the net waves, WIRED MUSIC WEEK RADIO is a weekly radio show hosted by local music producer duo - Spuds, alongside music host - Alicia FireHeart. Every Wednesday sees a new episode of fresh music releases, chart hits, and inside buzz about what’s happening in the revolving planet of electronic music. Join Spuds and Alicia FireHeart as they take you on their journey of exploration in the electronic music scene, supported by many notable record labels worldwide. Expect weekly fun and quirky vibes while this trio entertains you with informative yet compelling apprehension of the scene and enjoy what WMW Radio has to offer! Keep an ear out for special guest artists appearances and more fun surprises along the way! More about Wired Music Week ( WEB / FB / IG )Be a part of the show! Email: for demo-drops, collaborations, sponsorships, etc.
阿 Jack 與阿 Kym
百無禁忌無底線,直播了人生其實我們對於人生很多的話題都深感興趣,對許多的事情都愈想而知,但卻很難打破傳統的思維去了解更多。而在這個節目,我們將會以輕鬆,幽默,知性(其實還會有更多的可能性,守著就對了)的方式一起和大家百無禁忌無底線,直播了人生的種種課題。。年輕人對於理財是抱著什麼觀念?我們打開你的思路,你會了解理財的重要性。 男追女隔重山,女追男隔重紗?教你如何溝女享受戀愛生活。 教你如何用腦思考,因為所有你認為對的,其實都錯晒,所以你只能是平凡人。
“美” 的定义是什么呢?对于我而言,内在美,就是无比的美。每个时代对美拥有不同的定义现今这个时代,大家更懂得如何运用美妆、护肤品、美甲,护发、整形和微整形来呈现和提升美。使自己变得更美。而现在的社会男女老少都会拥有它们,只是他们拥有得多或少。这些物品是协助我们延迟衰老也同时保持住有良好的身体内体力而不能帮助永不衰老的功能。它们也同时是我们的隐形守护者来协助我们所需的“美”。
Night Owls
Sunset to Sunrise, everything happens after dark is what The Night Owls’ talkshow covers! The what’s what and whereabout to hangout, dine, chill, party & socialise! Or perhaps meet your soul mate?Being a night person himself, Joel Kuan is well known in the nightlife world as the go-to person for the next hype location to visit!Don’t get us wrong! Nightlife is not an unhealthy activity! There’s more to nightlife than clubs and bars! You got to listen in to Night Owls to find out more with DJ Joel Kuan! Maybe, he’ll teach you his secret way of making his perfect glass of Gin Tonic for that nightcap.