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With a finger on the pulse of industries, leading corporate trainer John Kam of DJungle People diagnoses trends and issues in the corporate maze and discusses them candidly with Mag on "The Chalkboard" on Tuesday 12pm-1pm.

Mary Anne Gomes

A versatile talent, MAG is always on the ball in delivering only the best, on-air and in-person. From on-air music based shows, to serious talk interviews and live coverage, there was no stone unturned and no path undone in the life of this radio presenter.

In fact, one can also say that MAG’s life completely revolved around radio. Having chosen this medium as her career path, MAG also found her true love in the form of her once upon a time “on-air husband”. MAG took a break from radio in 2009, however her passion lived on and when the opportunity came around to go digital, she couldn’t hesitate. So here she is, live and real, ready to woo the likes of the new and loyal listeners at a go.

John Kam.

John is the CEO of DJungle People and has nearly 20 years of experience in training. DjP was founded 18 years ago by two brothers who have successfully, through their combined talent, grown their company to be one of the top training companies in the country.

Their passion and commitment for the community is reflected in the company's philosophy to make a difference and build a sustainable environment.

John has also written a book entitled "Every Man's Everest" which speaks about the 4Ds to success.

Paul Kam

Paul Kam DJungle Group MD Led a wide range of start-ups successfully and currently manages four organisations in multiple industries. He has worked extensively with both private and public sector leaders throughout Asia and has designed and led several transformation, alignment and strategic change initiatives.