Indie has always been hard to define, but to me, it means music off the beaten track. There are no rules to this show – I'm just sharing with you music that I truly love. If even only one person tunes in and falls in love with something they've never heard before, I'd consider that my job well done. Tune in to Hygge, with me Patricia K – right here on AFOradio – to chill, chat, and treat your ears to best in Indie music every Monday from 8 to 9pm.

Patricia K.

While she was born in Hong Kong and mainly raised in Japan, Patricia K was educated in her place of birth and her native Denmark and by definition, this Malaysian-Danish talent is a ‘worldly woman’ who applies her array of cultural influences to everything she does.  During a holiday in 2008, Patricia decided to make Malaysia her permanent home as she says that it is a place that seemed to embrace her sense of self.

While Patricia has always been one who is forthcoming with her opinions, her passion to perform began at a young age, where she won several dance and equestrian competitions.  At the tender age of five, she was already bitten by the music bug and began training as a classical pianist. But her musical journey took her the stage of a different kind, one that would make her one of the most talked about music DJ’s in the Kuala Lumpur club scene.

While House Music may be her preferred DJ genre, Patricia’s love for music extends across the spectrum of sounds, to her abiding passion for Indie tunes.  Her chilled-out side was honed in her previous show ‘My City’ on Capital FM and right now, she is delighted to entertain her fans on the ‘My Indie’ show on afoRadio.com.

Through ESPN’s ‘Castrol Football Crazy’ and ‘Maxis Football Extra’, this multi-talented entertainer extends her creative talent to include TV Hosting as another facet of her personality. Life for Patricia K is a constant evolution of her many passions, and as her star rises, we look forward to see more from this cross-cultural eye catching beauty.