[Alexandros] Sleepless in KL on AFO LIVE

In 2001 [Alexandros] was formed by vocalist Yoohei Kawakami and bassist Hiroyuki Isobe. Being brought up in Syria, Yoohei speaks fluent English with unique Middle Eastern accent. He sings both in English and Japanese, not only aggressive rock numbers but sweet and mellow tunes he create. Hiroyuki, spending most of his childhood in the US contributes to the band‘s sound that stands out from the other Japanese local bands. These two young talents got together to form what is to become one of the most original bands to emerge from the land of the rising sun. Guitarist Masaki Shirai joined the group in 2007. Satoyasu Shomura who had occasionally supported the band became the official drummer in 2010.

[Alexandros] has released 4 albums to date and following those releases, all album tours have been completely SOLD OUT. Even as an indie band, they have already scored top 10 single and album on Japanese Oricon chart.

The band has supported various big names from abroad such as MUSE, Primal Scream, KASABIAN, etc. on their Japan tours. They are actively performing abroad by participating in big international festivals like SXSW in the US and THE GREAT ESCAPE in the UK as well as booking headlining shows in Taiwan. Their field has always been beyond Japan.

With their new partnership deal with Universal Music, [Alexandros] kicks off 2015 with a release of a double A-side single “Wataridori / Dracula La” on Mar. 18th including tie-in singles for a movie and a drama. The band released 5th album "ALXD" on June 17th and another show at Nippon Budokan in July is confirmed followed by a nationwide album tour in fall.

This 4 piece band, [Alexandros], is one of the hottest rock bands in the current Japanese music scene.

Every year the band gets involved in music festivals around the world, and besides that they also tour to meet and bring the fans their music. This year, the band heads to Asia for their Sleepless in Asia tour... and will be in Kuala Lumpur this Friday, 19th July. 

On Friday, MAG sits with the guys to find out more details about the band, [Alexandros]! So tune in LIVE!