Breakfast Thieves on AFO LIVE

Mondays we talk about Food! And on Monday we speak to Brandon Chin, co-owner and head chef of the Breakfast Thieves...

Breakfast Thieves Kuala Lumpur is the twin sister of the original Breakfast Thieves neighbourhood cafe - which is housed in the remains of an old chocolate factory in Fitzroy Melbourne, Australia. Often listed as one of the top 5 cafes in Melbourne, Breakfast Thieves has made a name for itself since being founded in 2012.

Now, Breakfast Thieves is flying home! Co-Founders, Brandon Chin, Kevin Foo and Edwin Koh are Malaysians through and through, therefore it only made sense to open another branch in the bustling capital that is Kuala Lumpur. Staying true to the origins of the industrial-chic themed BT Melbourne, BT KL is located in the heart of Bangsar amidst a 63-year old commercial printing factory.

Patrons can expect to be whisked away by modern Australian cuisine with a touch of Asian influence. The open space provides a nice relaxing environment for everyone, where friends chat over brunch, business lunches are conducted, families gather and coffee enthusiast get their daily fix.

Join MAG and Brandon on Monday to discover more about the Breakfast Thieves.