Chew Kin Wah on AFO LIVE

A familiar face in the movie industry in Malaysia, Chew Kin Wah is also no stranger in Indonesia. What started off in theatre then move progressively into movies, Chew has over 30 years of experience in the world of acting. From Kopitiam to Idaman, Belukar and many more, Chew took a leap of faith in the movie world in Indonesia with his Indonesian debut, in the hit movie My Stupid Boss.  

From comedy to a family drama, Chew says that he is grateful that it's been a wonderful journey in Indonesia so far. Although it's just been a few years since he dipped his toes into the industry in Indonesia, Chew has seen fruits of his labour in the form of awards for his outstanding performances. 

Although, he did not expect to win any award when he began working with the Indonesian productions a few years ago, he is indeed greatful to have won Best Supporting Actor at the Indonesia’s Festival Filem Tempo 2017 (FFT 2017) in Jakarta for his role as Koh Afuk in the movie, Cek Toko Sebelah.

This marked his second win for his role in the comedy-drama directed by his co-star, Ernest Prakasa.

In March, Chew also received a similar award at the Indonesian Box Office Movie Awards 2017 (Iboma 2017). At FFT 2017, he beat other nominees — Fuad Idris (nominated for his role in Bid’ah Cinta, Yayu Unru (Posesif), Yono Daryono (Turah), and fellow Malay-sian actor Bront Palarae (Peng-abdi Setan).

Currently working on a BioPic in Jakarta, Chew drops by for a chat with MAG on AFO LIVE to speak about his achievements and his journey thus far. So listen in LIVE on aforadio!