Go by CUURLEY feat. Sophia Fredskild on AFO LIVE

Newcomer, Sophia Fredskild landed a featured singer spot with long-time producer/musician, Bo Amir’s newest project, CUURLEY’s brand new single, ‘GO’.

This track is a joint-release by CUURLEY’s label, Vicious, a popular dance music label based in Melbourne, Australia as well as Paranormal Records, where Sophia has been recently inducted into.

The official music video is available for viewing on YouTube. The music video features Sophia traveling from her bedroom, to an open field, to riding in a very sleek-looking Mercedes-Benz, to a campfire, to a concert where she performs and finally back in her room by going through a door that represents a gateway. CUURLEY is seen in every scene bringing to light the hook of the song, ‘I’ll follow you wherever you go’. 

On Wednesday, MAG speaks to CUURLEY and Sophia and discovers the story behind the song and the door! So make a date with MAG, CUURLEY and Sophia on Wednesday from 12 noon onwards! 

In the meantime, CUURLEY’S ‘GO’ ft. Sophia Fredskild is also available on all digital music platforms.