Is Entrepreneurship For Everyone? with Andrew Tan on AFO LIVE

Andrew Tan is a serial entrepreneur. He is the founding partner in TinkBig Venture Capital firms, CEO of a crowd-funding platform, and has managed pool of funds totalling USD50 million.

In the past, he founded businesses such as AppShack, a platform bridge for mobile apps and businesses, Luxury Boutique Accommodation, AirBnB management company, and others prior to TinkBig.

Andrew is one of the 26 licensed venture capital firms, and also holds a license for a crowd funding platform among the 6 in Malaysia certified by the Securities Commission. He is the only one in Malaysia to hold these 2 licenses from the Securities Commission for alternative financing.

With impeccable knowledge on business and entrepreneurship, Andrew lives to inspire, educate and motivate others to chase after their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs and continues to help them on their journey. However, is Entrepreneurship really for everyone? MAG discovers more with Andrew Tan this afternoon.