Lat Tali Lat Cafe on AFO LIVE

Just like the age-old game, LAT TALI LAT, there is now a cafe that allows you to wind the years back to the good old days! Introducing, the Lat Tali Lat Cafe. 

At the cafe you can play games, do a little dance and if the staff aren't too busy, they'd even watch a movie or two with you. A place to hang out, and chill while having a good wholesome meal, Lat Tali Lat is definitely a place to check out. 

So when you’re done with your thing – classes, meetings, bla and bla – head on to the cafe where they'll be there for you to let your hair down with while you cozy up to some of the comfiest food in PJ.

MAG speaks to Joanne from Lat Tali Lat cafe on Monday and finds out some juicy details about this amazing hideout!