Malaysian's Against Bullying T-Shirt Campaign on AFO LIVE

Social media is a huge factor in most of our lives. Connecting social media to the longest most effective marketing tool = the t-shirts, comes the good people of the They specialise in Social Media inspired merchandise and have also created Malaysia's First T-Shirt Vending Machines. 

With the most current issue being bullying, the good people at the launched the Malaysian's Against Bullying Campaign. By doing this, they hope to be the VOICE OF CONSCIOUSNESS through their merchandise. 

According to them... "Bullies have never had a ‘visual’ to see and know that these acts are not socially accepted and is in fact, criminal". So with people wearing the ANTI BULLYING T-Shirt designs, there will be a community of visuals to get the message across. 

This afternoon MAG speaks to Deborah De Silva, the Business Manager of the to find out more about their Anti Bullying T-shirts.