Meraki Kitchen on AFO LIVE

Meraki Kitchen is a fuss-free gourmet lunchbox delivery service based in Kuala Lumpur. Great tasting lunchboxes delivered right to your doorstep!

At Meraki, they understand that the trappings of daily life and one’s hectic schedules shouldn’t stop us from enjoying a proper meal..

Meraki (or Μεράκι) is Greek in origin, refers to the soul, creativity and love put into something; which is the essence of oneself that is put into one’s work. This embodies the characteristic of the founders who aspire to be the embodiment of Meraki.

Each Meraki meal is made using fresh, locally-procured ingredients and cooked with love and passion. Their food is MSG-free and prepared in a pork and alcohol-free facility.

On Monday, MAG speaks to the good people of Meraki Kitchen to find out more about their mission, their amazing food selection and everything Meraki strives to deliver! ;)