Merdeka Moments with The Stars on AFO LIVE

It's the week leading to Merdeka and as we prepare to celebrate our nation's 60 years of independence, MAG speaks to 6 celebrities on Merdeka Moments... 

Catch these celebrities answer a list of 6 things all uniquely Malaysian! 

On Monday, MAG speaks to dancer, performer and the founder of the Sutra Foundation, Datuk Ramli Ibrahim.


On Tuesday, MAG speaks to Back 2 Basixx, Malaysian accapella band. 

On Wednesday, MAG speaks to Dato' Sheila Majid, Malaysia's Jazz Queen, performer and singer-songwriter. 

On Thursday, MAG speaks to EB duet and Beverly Matujal. 

And on Friday, MAG speaks to Niki Cheong, writer, author, speaker. 

Merdeka Moments on AFO LIVE with MAG - 28th August to the 1st September 2017, only on AFO Radio.