Netflix's First Chinese Language Original Series, The Ghost Bride on AFO LIVE

On the 23rd January, Netflix launched it's First Chinese-language Original Series From Malaysia, The Ghost Bride (彼岸之嫁). 

The Ghost Bride, based on a story written by Yangsze Choo is set in 1890s Colonial Malacca. The story follows Li Lan who has been offered a marriage proposal from the wealthy Lim Family to become the “ghost bride” to their recently deceased son. Her family will be saved from a lifetime of debt, but she’ll spend the rest of her life being haunted by the Lim family’s son. Desperate to get out of this ghastly arrangement, she soon finds herself wrapped up in a murder mystery and embroiled in other-worldly affairs much bigger than she could have ever imagined.

On Friday, MAG seats with Director Quek Shio Chuan 郭修篆, Director Ho Yuhang 何宇恒, and Producer Zainir Aminullah to find out more about the production of the series.