Penang International Food Festival on AFO LIVE

Back again, the Penang International Food Festival (PIFF) returns this year with 16 days of mouth-watering food and drinks. Penang’s culinary landscape has for decades now, brought food fans from all corners of the world to explore the rich culinary experience this city has to give! 

An experience like no other, when eating in Penang, one can expect a wholesome experience which combines potent flavours, intoxicating aromas, buzzing sounds, and glorious sights. 

Last year’s inaugural Penang International Food Festival successfully showcased Penang’s food offerings. It also presented the seamless transition of Penang’s food history from the authentic culinary methods from days of the past, to the innovative fusion cooking of present day as well as future cuisines. 

This year, the 16-day event will demonstrate Penang’s street food, as well as the food scene at cafes, restaurants and hotels. For the very first time in Malaysia, there will be a food truck invasion at Penang’s mainland, where 150 food trucks will come together serving at one place. In addition to the three major events happening over three weekends, there will also be a series of mini festivals, themed dining experiences, and a professional chef’s challenge that is open to all professional chefs.

On Monday join MAG as she speaks to Jack about the 2018 Penang International Food Festival!