Tea Time with MAG with Master Chris Leong

While you complete your tasks while working from home, allow MAG to entertain you and keep you updated on some interesting initiatives that are happening in our backyard. Tea Time with MAG hopes to keep information light hearted and fun during your tea-break. Watch or just listen and if you have questions, you are more than welcomed to forward them during the show. 

On Tuesday, the 12th May, MAG sits with C.L.M Tit Tar founder, Master Chris Leong to find out more about Tit Tar and to share some steps that you may try to help ease the neck, back and shoulder pain. These are common pains caused by the poor posture while we work from home. So with these simple steps, you will be able to ease the pain temporarily. 

Besides that, ask a question or 2 and let the master answer them for you. Taking care of ourselves during this pandemic season is essential. So let's take care of each other. 

So remember, 4pm, 12th May only on facebook.com/aforadio