The Flamenco Show on AFO LIVE

The timeless traditions of the Flamenco art are the very foundations of Origen, the new Flamenco show by Alberto Marin. The pure elements of a concert of Flamenco music are combined here with a dance structure on stage, creating an audacious and innovative atmosphere, full of sentiment. 

Origen takes the public into a trip, a journey in life, the life of the artist, which is, at the same time, the living history of Flamenco. Deep roots that feed from the vast heritage of the Spanish Culture, and will transport you to the colourful nights of Andalusia.

The old and dry sound of the Flamenco guitar is united in stage to the tradition of the cajon, a perfect complement for its percussive and bright voice. From the stunning Flamenco cry of the singers, to the fineness of the flute, in Origen the music does not only sound, the music speaks, it lives. And this life explodes thanks to the massive impact on the scene of the dancers, culminating with strenght, passion, and sweat. 

Eight spanish artists will be will be performing in Kuala Lumpur on their ASEAN tour, providing Malaysia with the rare opportunity to experience the true flavour of the Flamenco “Tablao”, directly from the born place of this fine art. We bring Spain to you, and it is an honour and a pleasure to do so and to be allowed to present this pure form of art to the public in a country as rich and diverse as Malaysia.

On Friday, MAG lets you feel the magic of Flamencoas she speak to the great people behind Origen. Pure Flamenco, pure passion!