The Nasi Lemak Guys on AFO LIVE

Nasi Lemak is a staple in Malaysia. A humble dish which comes with a variety of side dishes, Nasi Lemak has a magic spell that keeps everyone happy! 

On Monday, MAG speaks to Govin and Jason, the founders of The Nasi Lemak Guys. With the idea of presenting a non halal version of Nasi Lemak, these guys embark on their quest to add a twist to the Nasi Lemak side dishes. With pork added to the menu, patrons are now able to have pork rendang with their plate of nasi lemak. 

Operating only at night, these guys are your answer to nasi lemak for dinner and supper or to kick off the weekend. 

Come find out more about the Nasi Lemak Guys on AFO Radio on Monday at 12noon!