The Sandwich Hub on AFO LIVE

When you need a convenient, yet exciting lunch, which fuels your afternoon, you don't need to look any further than The Sandwich Hub.

The Sandwich Hub is the stop and go fuel kiosk for the body. Packing all the body needs in a quick to go sandwich, the Sandwich Hub has created 12 tasty and uniquely Malaysian sandwiches. When you crave for a tasty, yet convenient lunch that will fuel your work-days, you need not look any further than The Sandwich Hub.

Their sandwiches are made with the highest quality ingredients, and use only house-made sauces. The fillings are enveloped in fresh, and crispy ciabatta bread. They give you only the best 12 choices and believes that they their flavours will satisfy all your needs.

Tune in this afternoon as founder of The Sandwich Hub, SHANKAR R. SANTHIRAM speak to MAG about The Sandwich Hub.