The Unstoppable Virtual LIVE Summit Special with the Sponsors

The Unstoppable Virtual LIVE Summit is quick approaching. With huge support from sponsors all over, MAG decided to speak to 3 of the sponsors of the event to find out why they decided to be part of the event and what makes them Unstoppable! 

The 3 sponsors are: 

1) Ninety Five Percent Culture Consultancy CEO - Janet Lee - A culture consultant who talks about building resilient teams to thrive during challenging times

2) Vanilla Mille Crepe CEO - Nelson Liew - An F&B entrepreneur who talks on how he pivoted his business to keep them afloat during the MCO

3) Smart Coat CEO - Wong Weng Heng - A business owner of a nano coating technology who has received endorsement that his formulation and technology eliminates up to 99% of the corova virus who will talk about how his business became highly in demand for shopping malls, corporate and government offices during the pandemic

So remember to join us on the 2nd June at 4pm only on!