Tune Protect SOS Challenge



In partnership with the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC), the Road Safety Department Malaysia (JKJR), and Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), the Tune Protect SOS Challenge takes a stand for improved safety for all road users – including pedestrians.  

The Challenge is open to tertiary level students of all backgrounds, calling for unique concepts of road safety applications that resonate with the younger generation, with the intention to develop the idea into applications in the future.  

Participating teams must be able to articulate how their ideas would: elevate awareness of road safety issues or cultivate behavioural changes; stand out among existing offerings; and be user-friendly.


Students who are interested to do their part can sign up for the SOS Challenge online at cr.tuneprotect.com

To assist students with idea conceptualisation, Tune Protect organised an INSPIRE Session on 15 July, an exclusive kick-off workshop with two distinguished speakers: Jason Lo, CEO of Tune Talk, and Captain K Bala, Director of Code Red Survival Academy. Their combined expertise will give participants valuable insights on how to think like an innovator, as well as practical tips on survival skills for all road users, which will aid them in ideating their road safety applications.  Seats at the INSPIRE Session are FREE. However, they are limited and registration at cr.tuneprotect.com is on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

“Being a leader in digital insurance, with youth empowerment as a key focus of our corporate mission, we chose to champion a digital innovation initiative that reaches out to young people in a meaningful way, inviting students to channel their creativity to saving lives on the road,” said Razman Hafidz Abu Zarim, Group Chief Executive Officer, Tune Protect Group Bhd. “The SOS Challenge is aimed at providing a platform to enrich the learning experience for students, who will be exposed to the foundations of creative processes like ideation and innovation in the digital space, and guided in ways to apply this knowledge for the betterment of society. We hope these skills and the knowledge gained will also help them in their future endeavours.”

“Road safety is everyone’s responsibility, and any effort to spread awareness is greatly welcomed. We are happy to see that companies like Tune Protect are getting involved in this area, which is the reason why we are supporting this effort,” said YBhg Dato’ Rosli bin Isa, Director General of JKJR. “This Challenge is a good way to engage with young people, as they represent the highest number amongst road fatalities.”

Similarly, the spirit of the Challenge is also aligned with the aims of MaGIC, which is to foster a supportive environment in Malaysia for tech-driven startups.

“Through entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, countless opportunities are opened up for future generations. Hand-in-hand with education, this enables individuals, as well as the nation, to remain competitive in a rapidly changing world,” explained Ashran Dato Ghazi, CEO of MaGIC. “This Challenge is a worthy initiative that encourages students to direct their efforts towards a serious issue like road safety.”

On Wednesday, MAG speaks to Yap Hsu Yi, Head of People & Culture, from Tune Protect Group Bhd about the challenge and its hopes for the future of road safety!