Understanding Grief with Dr. Ng Wai Sheng (Psy.D.)

Grief is a universal human experience that is often misunderstood as a mental health problem. It is actually very healthy and normal to grieve. Grief is associated with loss, and loss is associated with love and attachment. So the more we understand grief, the better we can help ourselves and our loved ones when we go through seasons of love and losses.

On Tuesday, MAG speaks to Dr. Ng Wai Sheng (Psy.D.), the founder and clinical director of Growing Space Psychology Center, Malaysia. She has 18 years of experience in the mental health field, working with individuals, couples and families. Trained in clinical psychology, family therapy and spiritual companionship, Wai Sheng enjoys a hearty meal, deep authentic conversations, and a good Pilates workout!

Join them as the speak about Grief and an upcoming workshop put together by Wai Sheng and her team. Come listen LIVE!