VoxFest 2017 on AFO LIVE

Vocal Fest (also known as VoxFest) Malaysia is a platform for singers to meet together and learn from practitioners in the music industry. It is an experience that takes aspiring singers to a whole new level; giving them a glimpse into the workings of the industry and an opportunity to collaborate with diverse talents from all over the country. 

Presented by Four Forty Records in partnership with Rockschool Malaysia #VoxFest2017 which will run from the 20th - 22nd Oct 2017 is now open for video entries!!! And this is how you can start... 

On Wednesday, MAG speaks to Juwita Suwito, singer-songwriter and co-founder of Vocal Fest to find out what's in store for VoxFest2017.

In the meantime, if you love to sing, and you're looking to grow in the industry, then send in your videoa and check out http://www.fourfortyrecords.com/myvoxfest/voxfest2017 for more information!