Wired Music Week on AFO LIVE

With South East Asia’s rapidly growing music industry, the Wired Music Week will serve as a one-stop hub for music enthusiasts of various levels to learn, network, develop and advance, not only as individuals, but as a community too. Driven by its vision as a pivotal platform ,the Wired Music Week will be linking some of the brightest minds together to encourage creativity and innovation within our regional music industry. 

The event aims to cater to everyone that is in the scene, and anyone who has  an ember of interest - in which the Wired Music Week will fan the flame with curated seminars, workshops, panel discussions, and even demo listenings where aspiring artistes can receive an immediate response from the feedback of industry leads present. 

For the perfect blend of education and entertainment, the Wired Music Week teams up with a range of independent event promoters, record labels, venues, artistes, DJs and industry delegates from International to regional - converging in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for a concentrated schedule of events, parties, seminars, networking opportunities and workshops. 

On Wednesday, MAG speaks to team Wired Music Week comprising of John Beh, Managing Director of Rborn Ideas, Lok Cheng Tong, Marketing Director of SnakeChambers, and Reuben Samual, Music Producer, DJ. Find out more on Wednesday on AFO LIVE with MAG :)