Arts Unplugged : Gold Rain & Hailstone :

Outspoken and liberal Amy had always felt like a mutant back in Malaysia. So when her best friends Nina, Jay and Man returned home after studying abroad Amy stayed on. But now Amy’s beloved Bapak is dying and she hurries home. Amy’s homecoming causes chaos as she annoys, infuriates and exasperates her old friends. As she reconnects with them, Amy soon discovers she is not the only one struggling to belong. Successful ‘Melayu Baru’ Man, feisty upper-class wife and mother Nina and fabulous celebrity make-up and beauty guru Jay have all made difficult choices and compromises to belong in their own country. But can they accept each other’s Malaysia? And can they learn to love the hailstones?

Gold Rain and Hailstones by Jit Murad is a hilarious and often poignant tale of home, identity, friendship and family.