Arts Unplugged with Adrian Seet : Malaysian Jazz Piano Fest 2019

From its inception in 2014, the Malaysian Jazz Piano Festival has grown to become one of the most important music festivals in Malaysia in terms of its impact on young musicians, primarily music students looking towards having a career in music. With a strong emphasis on imparting professional know-how to the younger generation, the clinics and performances have been inspirational not only to the younger set but also to the seasoned professionals as they come together to learn from each other in what has become a strong and thriving community in the music industry.

In the 6th instalment, the “2nd Malaysian Jazz Talent Competition” will be introduced on the 19th of January @ 4pm. It is now not only limited to jazz pianists but is open to all non-vocal instrumentalists. 8 shortlisted participants consisting of students and early professionals will be showing off the talents they have under their sleeves.