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Join Adrian Seet on Arts Unplugged this episode, he chats with Zicky Yusoff, Kara Yee and Dominic Lucien Luk from FAME 'Live Forever' on www.aforadio.com from 11am - 12pm!


FAME follows some students of the College of Performing Arts (P.A.) as we journey through four years of their college life. We see them coming to terms with life and relationships; we see those who persevere, who are resilient - and those who are not. Above all, we see them perceiving the need to strive for excellence.

The characters each face different challenges throughout their time at P.A.: the girls want to stay skinny, the boys need to keep their pride, some have a stronger desire to get famous quickly, while others realize that even for the most talented, too much ambition too soon can lead to a collision with the wall of stark reality.

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