Harold Pinter's 'Betrayal' @ KLPAC : aforadio.com

This week on Arts Unplugged with Adrian Seet, catch Stephanie Van Driesen and Razif Hashim as they tell us more about their play on Harold Pinter's 'Betrayal' directed by Joe Hasham on www.aforadio.com from 11am - 12pm!


The story revolves around a love triangle between Emma, her husband Robert and his best friend Jerry. One day after a party, Jerry confesses his love for Emma and the two begin an affair that will continue for years. Unbeknownst to Emma, Robert actually caught whiff of the affair but remains quiet. Who is leading who on and who is betraying who actually?

With a sterling cast, Stephanie Van Driesen, Omar Ali, Razif Hashim and Jad Hidhir, the audience will have a lot to talk about at the end of every show night.

Disclaimer: Actors will be smoking on stage for certain scenes

Age Limit: Contains Mature Materials

Language: English & Bahasa Malaysia

Latecomers: To be brought in during transition.

For more information and ticket purchases, visit www.klpac.org