Part Star Part Dust by L.M Valiram.

Today on Arts Unplugged, Adrian interviews Lavina Melwani Valiram on her first book "Part Star, Part Dust." 

The novel tells  the spellbinding tale of three characters leading separate lives, each with their own struggles and triumphs. Radha was left on the side streets of Mumbai as an infant. Mira, at 16, was made to marry a man she had never met. Gaurav's circumstances leads to an age-old dilemma of love and riches. Their paths cross in a most unexpected way, and their fates become inextricably entwined. Rich in lyricism and depth of meaning, Part Star Part Dust explores themes of friendship, betrayal, sacrifice and redemption, interconnectedness and the dictates of time.

L.M Valiram was born in Mumbai, India, but raised in Hong Kong. A blogger, writer, entrepreneur, wife and mother, she currently resides in Malaysia with her husband Sharan and two sons, Neerav and Divesh.

Her love for writing was nurtured from a young age. That passion followed into adulthood, where she worked as a journalist at The Standard in Hong Kong. Life then led her into the exciting world of fashion retail, where she has spent most of her career. She is currently pursuing a creative writing degree from Open College of Arts London. L.M Valiram enjoys writing in multiple genres, from suspense and mystery to thrillers and literary fiction, and hopes to write a timeless romance one day.

Part Star Part Dust is her debut novel, and will be available in MPH, don't forget to get your copy.