Importance of recognition

According to CEO D Jungle People John Kam the effect of praises on staff in corporations are not any different. However, managers are quick to criticise and slow in compliments.

“Recognition at work, like recognition in your personal lives, is something that everyone works for. Your salary is a recognition of work done and also recognition of your ability. I recognise that you have certain value therefore I pay you for your value.

“Research shows that positive encouragement at work place is way more effective and way more successful in terms of getting more results than negative criticisms and they said it was up to 90/10.

“You should be encouraging, praising and recognising good work like 90 percent of the time and criticising 10 percent. And the interesting fact is that in reality the opposite is true,” says John.

What makes this divide wider is that fact that most managers now, by virtue of their age are Generation X and have different expectations of work culture compared with millennials.

They believe that when you are paid to do a job you would have to do it irregardless of compliments. It is not about creating a fluffy environment but about what works.