Personal branding

When you talk about competition in the corporate world, your mind inadvertently turn to phrases like it's a dog eat dog world out there, too noisy in the social media or you really need to have THE edge to be noticed.

Fight for power and position is certainly the end game and you need to equip yourself to run with the competition. And this is made so much easier with the help of social media. But if this tool is not used with caution it can also effectively destroy you.

Facebook users often take their grouses and discontentment, with neighbours, employers and government, to vile postings in their personal accounts. A moment of ranting such as these can easily cost you a position or your job.

If you can first think of yourself as a product you would think twice about those postings. CEO D Jungle People John Kam believes that when you talk about yourself in the social media you are actually putting yourself on the shelf and you can make this work to your advantage.

It can actually do great things for you. Personal branding should not be left to chance or luck. "You have to be confident that you have the potential to be a great product. It is creating an image to reflect the person that you are, values that you have and the work that you do.