Ananda Temple/Ananda Pahto
Location: Bagan

  • One of the finest, largest temples in Bagan
  • The temple has several terraces leading to a small pagoda at the top covered by an umbrella known as hti
  • Houses four standing Buddhas facing East, North, West and South
  • Has been titled the "Westminster Abbey of Burma"
  • The temple was damaged back in 1975 due to an earthquake but it has been fully restored
  • Home to an yearly week-long festival where 1000 monks perform continuous chanting for 72 hours

Shwesandaw Paya
Location: Bagan

  • Known for beautiful sunset views
  • Shwesandaw means 'golden holy hair' which are sacred hairs of Gautama Buddha obtaine from Thaton

Hot Air Balloon Rides
Location: Bagan

  • Best views normally take place during sunset or sunrise
  • 8 - 12 people on board depends on the basket size
  • Enjoy views of majestic pagodas and beautiful landscapes
  • Refreshments included (champagne, croissants, fruits)

Burmese Cat Village
Location: Inle Lake

  • Burmese Cats were kept as pets by the Burmese Royal Family
  • There's also a restaurant and a cafe where you can pick vegetables as well as herbs from the gardens and attend a cooking class
  • This place is also a training ground for local people who wants to work in the hospitality field

Dee Doke Waterfall
Location: Outskirts of Mandalay City (50km out of Mandalay)

  • Discovered by a group of Geology students in 2000
  • No entrance fee needed
  • Suitable for adventurous people

Mount Popa
Location: Pegu Range (50km southeast of Bagan)

  • Known for Nat temples and relic sites on top of the mountain
  • It's volcanic mountain
  • It's now a national park and a nature reserve

Location: Around Myanmar

  • Breakfast dish
  • Rice noodle and fish soup
  • Essential Burmese cuisine
  • Available in different varieties across the region
  • Also sold in ready-made dry packets to make broth-making
  • Sold at pavement stalls and mohinga trishaws

Mont Lin Ma Yar/Husband & Wife Snack
Location: Around Myanmar

  • Special food for couples because when the snack is served, two of these mini pancakes are placed and eaten together

Danpauk/Burmese Biryani
Location: Around Myanmar

  • The chicken is normally cooked with the rice
  • Ingredients include yogurt, cashew nuts, peas, raisins, cloves, saffron, cinnamon, bayleaf
  • It is also usually eaten with a salad of sliced onions and cucumber

Ngwesaung Beach
Location: Pathein

  • 5 hours drive from Yangon
  • There's an airport in the works at the moment
  • Newer and a premium beach area
  • Less nightlife attractions but the beach is beautiful

Ngapali Beach
Location: Rakhine

  • Head to Thandwe Market for fresh meat, fish, seafood, vegetables
  • You can witness the preserved body of monk Sayadaw U Sujata since 1984 in a visible glass cube
  • Watersports, trekking and boat tours are also available
  • Enjoy basic Burmese, Thai and Chinese dishes
  • No nightlife as the beach is known for its tranquility