Episode 1 - Things to Do in Koh Rong Island

Our recent trip with AirAsia to Sihanoukville, Cambodia together with our team and Jeremy Teo was a great one, so..we're letting everyone know what you can check out when you're there! 

First stop, Koh Rong an island about 45 mins away from Sihanoukville's main town by speed ferry boat. Koh Rong is a beautiful paradise which is with white sand, clear sea water and a tropical jungle feels.

But first, how do even get to Sihanoukville, Cambodia? AirAsia has a direct flight from Kuala Lumpur - Sihanoukville, 4 times weekly so they definitely got you covered.. visit airasia.com for more information!

Once you have reached Sihanouk International Airport, get a taxi or you can book a van in advance if you're traveling in a group to Serendipity Pier (1 hour) where you can get a speed ferry ride to Koh Rong. There are a few speed ferry companies you can look out for, some companies offer advance online  ticket booking or even buying tickets at the counter on the pier. Timing for speed ferry rides may vary. Journey from pier to Koh Rong - 45 mins

Taxi - Serendipity Pier = USD $45 (per taxi)

Van - Serendipity Pier = USD $30 (per van)

Speed Ferry Boat Return Ride (Koh Rong) = USD $22 (per person)

Our host, Jeremy Teo at Serendipity Pier before departing to Koh Rong

Koh Rong Community Pier

Koh Rong

  • Second largest island in Cambodia
  • There are more than 23 over beaches on this very island
  • Koh Touch/Police Beach/Long Set Beach/White Beach/Coconut Beach etc.
  • Best time to visit: Mid November - Early May

Sambath Sakseth Bungalow @ Koh Rong 


  • Koh Touch (main tourist area) has some of the cheapest places
  • Wide range of options are available based on your budget (guesthouses, hostels and even bungalows)
  • From $10 per night (and some even includes AC as well as en-suite bathroom)

(L): Jeremy Teo & Agnes Wang getting ready for their adventure at High Point Adventure Park | (R): Jeremy having fun at the Beginner's Course in High Point Adventure Park

Jeremy Teo & Agnes Wang after completing their course with the team behind High Point Adventure Park (Psst.. they have a really friendly and helpful guide who brings you around the course.. so there are more reasons you should go to Koh Rong and try out the course yourself!)

High Point Adventure Park

  • Cambodia's first world-class rope course park
  • Platforms/cables/trees are all connected
  • Various stages (suspension bridges/walking wires/ropewalkers/flying surfs/zip lines)
  • $30 per person
  • Average time for whole course: 2 hours

Nightlife (Food & Drinks)

  • Loads of bars/pubs are available along the stretch of Koh Rong's main tourist area (Koh Touch)
  • Cheap and affordable drinks starting from $1 (beer and cocktails included)
  • Restaurants - mostly serve local Khmer dishes and Western cuisines (starting from $3)
  • Full-moon party tickets are available on the main pier itself where they bring you over to Police Beach
  • Boat Parties are also available (including sunset watching and bbq dinner)
  • There are convenient stores around the island but it's definitely best to bring essential items (mosquito repellent, sunblock, etc.)

Glowing Planktons

  • Catching a glimpse of glowing planktons are something you should not miss out
  • Best viewing time: (7pm onwards) Only visible on non-full moon nights with minimum amount of light
  • Book a boat tour from the main pier on Koh Rong - $5 per person

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