Episode 2 - Things to Do in Sihanoukville Town

Our recent trip with AirAsia to Sihanoukville, Cambodia together with our team and Jeremy Teo was a great one, so..we're letting everyone know what you can check out if you're ever in the town! 

Final stop, is in Sihanoukville itself.. or also known as "Kampong Som", a coastal/seaside town in Cambodia which is a capital city under the Sihanoukville Province. 

How to get to Sihanoukville, Cambodia? 

AirAsia has a direct flight from Kuala Lumpur - Sihanoukville, 4 times weekly, if you wanna find out more visit airasia.com!

Source: tourismcambodia.org

Getting Around

Once you have reached Sihanouk International Airport, getting around town is quite convenient with tuk-tuks, bike taxis and buses available starting from US$1. If you're traveling in a larger group, you can book a van in advance from travel and tour agencies online starting from US$80 per day to for private tours.

In addition, you can also rent scooters to ride around town starting from US$4 and petrol can be bought from roadside stores.

Other than that, if you're into exploring islands out of town you can head to Serendipity Pier and grab a speed ferry to Koh Rong or Koh Rong Samloem. Check out Episode 1 - Koh Rong Island for more information.

Golden Lions Monument

  • Most recognisable landmark in Sihanoukville smacked right in the middle of a roundabout
  • Consists of a male and a female lion
  • Constructed in 1996, has many different meanings as mentioned by the locals but nobody is quite sure what it officially meant
  • Some locals said, they recalled the violence that beset the country through the years and shaping them as a nation

The view at Independence Square located at the intersection of Ekareach Street and Cambodia/Soviet Friendship Street

Independence Square

  • Constructed in 1985
  • Consists of an open meeting hall on Ekareach Street
  • Across the street is a small park containing a small shrine to signify Cambodia's independence from from foreign ruling
  • Some official ceremonies are held in the park including other national holiday celebrations

Above: L-R (Hawaii Beach and Ochheuteal Beach), Bottom: L-R (Otres Beach and Independence Beach)


  • Sihanoukville is well-known for their beaches 
  • Ochheuteal Beach, Serendipity Beach, Otres Beach, Hawaii Beach and more
  • Most of them are lined with white sands, beach huts, grass umbrellas and chairs for rentals
  • Beach bars and restaurants are also one of the favourite chill-out spots for backpackers and tourists
  • Some stretch of beaches has hotels, resorts as well as bungalows 

Kbal Chhay Waterfall

  • 40 mins from downtown Sihanoukville
  • 3 - 5 metres high
  • Best Visiting Season: July - October (Wet Season)
  • Hawker stalls available at the entrance 
  • Hammocks/picnic areas are also available for day rentals

Sok Sabay Resort @ Otres Beach


  • Various ranges are available from guesthouses, resorts and high-end casino hotels
  • Strategically located at all areas based on your preferences


  • Dubbed as the next 'Macau' or casino-port city
  • More than 50+ casinos in Sihanoukville as of now and more to come
  • Some are attached to resorts, hotels and restaurants
  • Bets can start from as low as US$1

Some of the local produce and goods sold at Phsar Leu Market

Buying fresh seafood and getting them cooked are one of the things you should definitely try out when visiting Phsar Leu Market at Sihanoukville, Cambodia!

Phsar Leu Market

  • Largest, oldest as well as busiest main market in town where usually the locals go to for their groceries
  • Jewelry, fresh seafood, clothes, fruits, vegetables and more are sold here
  • Local snacks or delicacies are easier to be discovered 


One of the places we would recommend for late-night snacks and drinks is Otres Beach. The streets are filled with little bars suitable for barhoppers. Beer can start from as low as 50 cents during happy hour and about US$1 for non-happy hours but you be sure to find exciting all-day long deals too in some places. Cocktail drinks start from US$2 and they taste absolutely delicious.

Don't forget to tune in to our radio show this week hosted by Jeremy Teo with guest host K'Sha, Episode 2 - Sihanoukville (8th June 2018, 3pm - 4pm) on www.aforadio.com! 

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