Basic parts of Watch Body everyone Must Know

Well I gotta be honest with you that I am not really a big fan of watch before the whole Covid-19 pandemic. It always seems to be trivial to me or it is just as simple as any accessories where people wear it just to look at the time.

But lately, as I was hosting for one of the watch retail brand, Watatime virtually for a few live episode where it is still running now and I hope there will be more. I then realised I’ve missed out so much. Each watch would literally bring out the attitude, the charm, the status and the personality that you’re in when we are wearing it.

When I first started to host for the first episode for them, I felt completely inopportune as i didn’t know anything at all and i couldn’t even name any of the parts name. So for today’s article i hope i could help anyone of you who didn’t know anything about watches but interested in knowing the basic terms of it so that you don’t get staggered like how I did.

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Lugs are usually the parts where it connects to the case and straps. Some of the lugs design are connected nice and smooth but some are pretty refined where you can see from this two pictures below.


Strap/ Bracelet

Of course, when it comes to strap or bracelet it literally comes with trillion of designs which you can use it according to your own preference or occasion. Either for attending events, weddings, meetings, datings, divings, sports or simply just for casual outing.

Here are four types of straps where you can have a clearer picture of different types of straps for men or women.



Hour Hand, Minute Hand, Sweep Second Hand is where it shows the time of itself. Some of the watch would even occurred to have a fourth hand points which usually used for timed coordination over multiple time zones.


Second Marks

Second marks are typically showed near to the bezel for you to determine what is the second now by sweep second hand.


As you can see from this three watches below there are a significant designs where you can use it for rotating or sometimes it comes with plain like pictures above. Bezel are used to hold the crystal which appear on top of the dial area.



The most vital part to hold everything together where its the outer part of the bezel to hold lugs and straps as well.

Day/ Date Window

It doesn’t apply to all the watches especially when it comes to classic or casual watch for ladies. But most of the men watches has it. To be honest, I personally would prefer to have it as it is easier to look at the dates. But of course, it depends on your own preference.


My favourite part of all, as some of the brand watches emphasises it as much as the personality of a person. Crown are usually placed in the middle of pushers as you can see from some of the watches above, and again not all watches has pusher.


Of course, there are more in-depth studies for different types of movement watch and as for today this article is just a showreel of the basic parts of watch body you should know to avoid any lumbersome like how I did previously.

I hope you’d enjoy this article, and would love to know more what is your opinions of it. Most importantly if you’ve any tips to share, I’m more than welcome to learn from you too. Let’s grow together.

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