Crouching Tiger Hidden Woods, time for Premier League to say Sarri?

Tiger Woods is back with a bang! When we say bang, we mean nothing else but the fact he's back to winning ways after clinching his first major tournament triumph in over five years at East Lake Golf Club. Where does he stand amongst the greatest golfers? Where does he stand amongst the greatest athletes ever? All of that and more in the Tiger Woods segment!

There's also a discussion on Maurizio Sarri and his comments on the Premier League's lack of sympathy for English teams that play in Europe. And for once, all three guys are in agreement that Sarri has a point, though all three also sink into a puddle of existentialism, acknowledging the reality that capitalism rules and that Richard Scudamore probably doesn't listen to this podcast anyway. 

We also discuss the growing awareness for mental health in football, talk to Malaysian squash icon Wee Wern Low, and dive into the entertaining documentary on Nike's Breaking 2 project. But as always, it's Bob that fascinates us right at the end, with a stunning story on his granduncle, a former England international that Bob fondly refers to as the Steven Gerrard of the 1910s, and his battle with mental health.