Kneelin down with Kaepernick, is Serena Williams the big bad bully of Tennis?

In the inaugural episode of Hold The Back Page, we dive into the controversial US Open incident involving Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka and whether the former is finally being revealed as the big bad bully of tennis! We also talk about Nike's decision to launch a fresh new campaign with Colin Kaepernick, with input from Hitz FM's Jay R. Smith on the sort of impact this will have - both on the United States of America as whole, as well as the NFL. 

Don't forget to also catch our interview with retired Malaysian swimming icon, Khoo Cai Lin, our discussion on the Juventus documentary on Netflix as well as a lowdown on the brand new UEFA Nations League. But awaiting you guys in the final segment is Bob's Blast from the Past, where he takes us back to the golden era of Muhammad Ali and how Bob's good friend almost inflicted a defeat on arguably the greatest sportsman to have ever graced the world!