Lewis Hamilton wins again *yawns*, What the f*** is wrong with Eliud Kipchoge?

In this week's episode of Hold The Back Page, we sit down, ponder, think, wonder and ask what the 'f*** is wrong with Eliud Kipchoge! The Kenyan long-distance runner officially broke the world record for a full marathon, completing the Berlin Marathon in 2 hours, one minute, 40 seconds. Is he even human? Even Bob, who once ran an ultramarathon in Africa, doesn't have a clue! We also talk about the Formula One, Lewis Hamilton's dominance in what is slowly becoming a boring sport (don't even challenge us on this!) and how Singapore is probably one stakeholder in the racing industry that's doing brilliant work in attempting to keep it relevant in the modern contemporary world. 

We also talk to Bojan Hodak, the Croatian who is trying to take Malaysia to the FIFA World Cup (yes you heard that right!), discuss Andrea Pirlo's excellent biography (I Think Therefore I Play) and run you through impending possibility of a Mayweather vs Pacquiao rematch. 

But as always, the best is saved for the last, as Bob takes us through the time machine once again. This time, he gives us (especially the young millennial in Keesh) a vivid experience of what it's like to watch Pele, who is often billed the greatest footballer ever, live in action.