Malaysian football's RM175k conundrum, is Mourinho pulling a Sir Alex?

RM175k - that's the figure Lim Teong Kim receives on a monthly basis to spearhead the National Football Development program. His boys recently exited the AFC U16 Championship at group stage level, sparking plenty of reaction from fans and stakeholders all over the country. Renowned Malaysian journalist, Haresh Deol talks to us about the ongoing fiasco.

In what appears to be a rather patriotic episode, we talk to another Malaysian - wow two in one episode? Malaysian goalkeeper Syed Adney opens up about his career, the decision to take a break and do football commentary and his quest to return to professional football next year. 

Also in this episode is a discussion on the Pogba vs Mourinho battle at Old Trafford, Ana Carrasco groundbreaking feat of becoming the first female to win a motorsports World Championship, as well as a throwback to Invictus, the incredible film on Nelson Mandela and the Springboks. 

And as per our cult-like tradition, Bob then swoops in with the time machine and brings us to the 1930s, a decade that seemingly belonged to American iconic sprinter, Jesse Owens.