EP 21 - Detoxification is Important for Fat Loss ft Benjamin Siong

After last week, i’ve come to realise even more, how fat loss doesn’t have a straight forward solution. There are many factors as to why a person may not be losing fat effectively. It’s not just about regular exercising and eating at a caloric deficit meaning you eat less foods, or even calculating macros..Do we take into account, our sleep, gut health, liver health, hormones… 

Today we discuss on why "Detoxification is Important for Fat loss". This is something we don't usually ask ourselves or other people, cause we don't see our liver. However, for anyone who is looking to lose fat effectively and in a wholesome way do listen in as Ben explains who our liver health is one major super star in our body.

Ben is having his next Fat Loss Course in Hong Kong from the 17-19th of July. So mark your calendar, while you listen in and be ready to learn learn.