Ep 14 : Eat Fat to Lose Weight

FATS are GOOD and necessary for you.

This week on @aforadio for my show #LiveLoveLift i speak with Dr Shashi from @theklskyclinic on how we should EAT FAT to lose weight. Sounds contradicting, since we've been "taught" to eat "low fat food" as it is "healthier", but is that how our body works? 

We touch on the following during our chat

1. Purpose of fat in our body?

2. Why fat got the bad name?

3. Why does our body hoard calories as fat, rather than use it as energy?

4. How can eating fat help us lose weight?

5. What are good and bad fats?

It was an insightful conversation and I think you'll find it helpful too. Bear in mind i'm not talking about going on a keto diet, but how by adding healthier fats to our nutrition is beneficial.  If you have questions feel free to comment :) 

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