Ep 18 - How To Style Your Body Type

How to lift your booty? How to dress classy yet sexy? How to make yourself look taller? 💃🏻👗👠🍑

Ladies today 2-4pm on #LiveLoveLift I present to you How to Style For Your Body Type! This sister of mine Nadia aka Inner Maverick, has got some serious style knowledge. She's a beauty and fashion blogger.

Do listen in for her awesome fashion tips, the weirdest way to compliment one another and be highly entertained with the location of her hands in the video. 😂

Among the questions answered:

  1. Understanding Body Type
  2. How to dress if you are wider at the top, your narrower at the waist?
  3. How to enhance the booty?
  4. How to perk up the cleavage area?
  5. How to make active wear fashionable
  6. how to pick the right swimsuit.

Do check her out on youtube here.