EP 20 - The Fitness Guide for Ramadan

For the month of Ramadan, that is when our Muslim brothers and sisters would fast  every day from dawn to sunset. Muslims do this both as a spiritual and a physical exercise, used to strengthen their own resolve and self-control. Refraining from food and drink strengthens our ability to empathize with those experiencing hunger and thirst as a daily reality.

Today's podcast, I speak with Kam Izzwan - asian powerlifting champion, former bodybuilder, coach, entrepreneur and co founder of Physique For You Gym on the Fitness Guide For Ramadan. 

For those embarking on a fitness journey, or for those who are already actively in one and you just so happen to be Muslim -  we touch on how you can still maintain your healthy lifestyle while fasting. I'll be asking him the following questions: 

  1. Understanding what is fasting
  2. What happens to the body during fasting?
  3. Similarities between Ramadan fasting and Intermittent Fasting.
  4. Best Options to eat during sahur and buka puasa.
  5. How to maintain the gains during Ramadan. 
  6. How to maintain the weight loss after Ramandan. 
  7. When is the best time to workout and what kind of exercises for Ramadan

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