Ep 3 : Healthy Tips While Traveling

Just coming back Indonesia, it got me thinking, on ways to stay healthy while traveling. It’s unavoidable when you travel to be on watch your diet, cause let’s face it, your mind won’t be on track and it’s harder to find the foods you want. Hence for this week I want to share

  1. Tips on how to stay heathy while you are traveling.
  2. The 5 must haves while on vacation to avoid bloat, constipation and sleep issues. 

Fit Tip of the Week 

Keeping active isn't difficult while traveling. I always carry with me resistance bands so that i can amp up my bodyweight exercise and give my body more resistance to play with. Resistance bands are in expensive, they are convenient, light and comes in a variety of types. Here's an example of workout i did while travelling. You can see more on my youtube channel. 

Celebrity Wellness Tip of The Week

Singer Pink lost 55 pounds based mostly on a vegan and lean meat diet plan. To kickstart herself back on a nutritious lifestyle. She did an 11 day power cleanse which was something like this. 

Pink starts with an 11 day cleanse to set the body functions correctly and make her feel more active than usual. Her metabolism has to be in tip top shape for the diet that awaits her; After the cleanse, she reintroduces proteins in her diet but not too much because losing weight is tricky when you just want to burn fat and not muscles.

Thank you for listening to the podcast. Speak to you next week!