Ep 34 : Challenge Yourself With PlayGround's Combine

I got schooled and I'm not as fit as I thought I was haha. (well i already knew that.. but this confirmed it)

I tried out the Playground's Combine Fitness Challenge which is happening 29 & 30th September. and it was humbling! This tested my Strength, Speed, Power and Endurance.. how did it do swipe to see my attempts on the 9 moves! 

What to expect and in need of tips of how to train for an event like this? Listen in to my show LiveLoveLift on @aforadio as I speak with @CJCoachfit founder of The Playground and Head Coach @nick

Lots of training nuggets in and maybe extra tips on how to be defeat the Playground Combine :) Click on podcast to listen in and you can see how all the movements work here


To REGISTER for Combine, click here


For more details on The Playground and their coaches, click here :) 



Coach CJ & Founder of The Playground


Nick Hedayatpour - Head Coach of The Playground https://www.instagram.com/nickhedayatpour22/