Ep 42 - 5 Ways to Destress | Getting into Bowling with Ampang Superbowl

Stress is abundant these days. Due to work pressure and other pressure of life. How can we destress ourselves in our ever busy life and find balance. That is what I speak about to day. Do listen in to these 5 simples way to destress yourself from work, relationships and just life in general. 

One great way to destress is by doing something fun like bowling! 

Live Love Lift goes into the 2nd week of the special Bowling Hour powered by Ampang Superbowl. On the show i speak with Mustapha Yassin our ex national bowler and now the business development manager of Ampang Superbowl. Listen in to hear about how he got into bowling as an athlete, his life after becoming a professional bowler and some tips on how to get started with bowling or just on how to improve your game!

Wanna try bowling? No problem, you can also win some free game passes. just listen in.