Ep 6 : How to Eat Healthy in Malaysia

It's a known fact that Malaysia is a haven for amazing food. A number of times, people have said that it is difficult to eat healthy in Malaysia. For the topic today me and my friend Jacqie - wellness coach and head coach of WFF Malaysia - are going to dispel that idea and share with you ways on how to eat better in our beloved country. 

Touching on the following:

  1. Ways to start eating better in Malaysia
  2. Possible food swaps at Mamaks, Nasi Campurs, Banana Leaf
  3. Cooking for Beginners
  4. Meal preps available to try in KL. 

Cheaper Grocery options as mentioned in the podcast

  1. W MART
  2. TMC Bangsar
  3. Wet market - TTDI, Selayang, Klang

Thanks for listening in and I do hope it gives you a better idea on how to have a healthier lifestyle with your food. It's all about making better choices. For any questions or topics you'd like me to cover, or maybe you just want to leave a message on what methods have helped you in keeping to a healthy lifestyle please do share with me at contact@linoralow.com